Tuesday, June 27, 2017

June Pics

I'm supposed to be cleaning the house in preparation for mass invasion which starts tomorrow night, buuuuut let's post some pictures instead.  As I said, Ryan did NOT want to cooperate for a 4-month photo shoot--we tried for three days!  We got a few pictures that are good, but nothing we're in love with like previous months.  So here's a few cute pics from June.

Asleep on Daddy!  His jams say "Hunk" across the front...they won't fit him for too much longer though.

Ryan's first selfie.  He was watching himself on my phone...I helped him push the button to take the picture, but he DID take it and I thought it was so funny when I saw it!  He's thinking really hard about what he's doing.

My new favorite picture EVER.  And it's funny, this was a quick snap with my iPhone while I was cooking dinner.  Lee has Ryan sitting on the taller bit of the counter over the sink and they were watching me.  Now if I hold up the phone (or the big camera), Ryan won't look towards me or smile or anything.  It's like he KNOWS I'm taking his picture!  But this one, this one I LOVE.

This one's pretty good too, it's his Superman pose.  He does Superman pose a lot...hasn't quite started crawling yet, but he does kick a lot and swim on the floor, and he can turn around in a circle to get to things on his play mat.

Posting this one again just because I thought it was so funny : D

Last one, Lee got this one and I love how the light from the window makes Ryan's eye color pop.  We think his eyes will stay blue like his daddy's.  Can't say I'm disappointed about that!  It is my burden to bear being surrounded by handsome dudes.

Okay, okay...now I have to go clean house.  Cheers yo!

Friday, June 16, 2017


So as of yesterday, Ryan is now four months old.  Kid was asleep when Lee got home, so when he woke up, we fed him a bottle and then tried to take some pictures.

Yeah, that didn't work so great.

Over FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTY pictures we've taken of this kid between yesterday afternoon and this morning, and already over 90% of them are in the trash on the computer.  He just refused to look anywhere close to the camera and kept giving us angry facial expressions.  Maybe he inherited my RBF?  Usually he's a little more cheerful than this, I don't know what his deal was yesterday.  So, for you to laugh at, here's some outtakes from our photo session.  We're going to try again on Saturday, in the morning, and see if we can't get him to look HAPPY for the camera.

Now, I'm not saying these are all terrible pictures (some of them are), they just weren't what we were trying for.

Very first picture.  It didn't really improve much from here.  See his look of deep suspicion?

Come on, kid.  Lee was only gone for one night, you can't have forgotten who he is that fast.

Okay, if he had a more pleasant expression on his face, this would actually be a really good picture.  I mean, it's not bad, but he does smile at me a lot and I'd really like to capture that gummy grin in a picture, ya know?


Stubbornly refusing to look anywhere near the camera.

Blink!  And blurry.


My face was starting to look like this too.

Well, he's...kind of smiling in this one?

Now see, this would be a GREAT picture if it was in focus and if the lighting had been better.  Arrgh.  Frustrating!

This is what he thinks of our activity this afternoon. *blows raspberry*

Just in case you didn't get it the first time.

Photo bomb by Sadie.  Maybe SHE'S the one who taught Ryan to stick his tongue out!!!

Okay I just think his face is hilarious in this one.

Again, this would be a fantastic picture if he didn't look worried that the camera was going to entrap his soul.

Preeeeetty sure he inherited this expression from me.  #SideEye

I tried again this morning but mostly got ones that look like this.

We did get a few pictures that I honestly like yesterday, but like I said, we're going to try again this weekend and see if we have more luck.  Not going to try it today because he has a doctor's appointment and he's getting shots, so he's going to be even angrier today than yesterday.  Angry baby!

Cheers, y'all.  Have a great weekend!

Monday, May 15, 2017

3 Month Photo Shoot

Hey y'all!  My mom mentioned over the weekend that she couldn't wait to see some 3-month pictures of lil Sodapop, so I got out the camera this afternoon to try doing a photo shoot by my onesies.  Lee got all the great pics last time so let's see if I got any good ones this month, eh?

Okay I actually took this last week.  Yes, Ryan was asleep on the floor in the kitchen.  I put him on the baby blanket on the floor while I washed dishes and before I finished, he'd flipped over onto his belly and gone to sleep.  Oh yeah, we quit swaddling earlier this month because he can now roll over from back to front, and yesterday I saw him roll from front to back for the first time.  And now he wants to sleep on his belly all the time.  He's also spent some time sleeping on a dog bed before.  I excel at this parenting thing.

Okay so here's the first pic from the photo shoot today...that I'm sharing, anyway.  And can I just say HOW ADORABLE IS HE IN BABY JEANS.  I die from the cute.  And fashion points to Mama, those socks actually match the trim on his onesie (thank you Aunt Missy!).

I know his arms are blurry but that facial expression just makes me giggle.

That's a pretty sweet smile, too.

So at three months, Ryan likes eating (a lot), growing (even more), and music.  Like seriously, I finally found someone who appreciates my singing voice.  He gives me the biggest grins when I sing to him and he's recently started "singing" along.  We've been listening to the Beatles and the Beach Boys lately; he likes both, but I think his favorite song is "Good Vibrations".  He does not like taking baths or cold baby wipes (but the expression he makes--and the way he moves--when I put a cold baby wipe on him is just HILARIOUS to me, I am so mean).

Yeah, he appreciates that he amuses me.  Heh.

He's gotten really good at keeping his head up when he does tummy time, so I thought we'd try a few pics on his belly this month.

And again, baby jeans are just SO CUTE.

I sang to him while we were taking pictures but he just wouldn't give me one of his ear-to-ear grins; I think he had some fat puppy syndrome because as soon as I put the camera away and put him in his swing he fell asleep.

And here he is sucking his thumb, which is another thing he likes to do.  Usually the left one.

I think I did pretty good on this one, I like his eyes in this photo.

Thinking serious thoughts.  I do like this plane onesie.  He's got a ton of clothes, and he actually seems to like changing his outfits--he smiles at me a lot as I'm trying to get arms through the sleeves.  Anyway, last time I put up his laundry, I unearthed a few onesies that had gotten stuck on the bottom of a stack of clothes that are still too big for him, so I pulled those out to the top of the stack for him to wear.

And there's the last pic from the photo shoot today.  If Lee gets home while the light is still good, he might try taking some more.  Oh, you wanna know what Lee and Ryan did for me for Mother's Day yesterday?  They started off by making me BB-8 waffles (waffle maker now on sale!), and then we did one of those clay impression kits with Ryan's handprints.  He was not a fan of that, he screamed the whole time we were trying to get his handprints done.  After that, Lee and Ryan dropped me off and I got a massage and a facial--I didn't even know I was going until 10 minutes before we got there!  Then Lee dropped Ryan off with some friends and we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy 2.  Pretty awesome Mother's Day I think.

For now, I'm going to go try to finish up a scrapbook layout while Ryan is asleep. I have to start working on dinner in about an hour and a half so maybe he'll sleep that long...   : )

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Two Months Old

Guess who slept through the night last night?  THIS GUY:

I'm convinced it's because Lee was on night duty last night.  95% of the time it's me that gets up in the middle of the night when Ryan gets mouthy because Lee has to go to work and pretend to be coherent during the day.  But last night Lee said he'd get up with Ryan and I'm convinced that's why this little runt slept for 9 hours straight.

I do love that squishy little face though.

He started out this photo shoot not too happy, but eventually we got him to cooperate and Lee got a bunch of really great shots, so I was able to cherry pick all the happy face ones.

When he's not singing the song of his people in the middle of the night, I'm convinced that Ryan is the cutest baby in the history of ever.

It will do you no good to argue with me because I am right.

Hee :)

Now if we can get him to sleep through the night on a regular basis so that I can sleep longer than 3 hours at a stretch, that will be amazing.  He's in his swing right next to me right now, and he keeps kinda waking up, then sticking his thumb in his mouth and going right back to sleep.  Yeah, he's adorable. Somebody remind me of this when he starts trying to flush things down the toilet that have no business being in the toilet in the first place.  I'm sure that's in our future.

Cheers, y'all!

P.S. If you want to make muffins from scratch for Sunday breakfast, Sally's master muffin recipe is LEGIT.  I made mixed berry muffins with lemon glaze this morning and they were AMAZEBALLS.  You're welcome.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

One Month Old

Greetings from the land of Not Much Sleep!  Our little kidlet is now a month old (as of last week, but hey, it takes me a while to get pictures uploaded to the computer).  So here are a few pics from his one-month photo shoot, with commentary by Ryan.

Hey tall people, what are we doing here?  This activity seems a little weird but whatever.

Okay no really, WHAT is going on.

I do not approve.  I DO NOT APPROVE!

Hey tall people, what's up with this hat?  I think it's getting too small for me.  But I kinda like this dad guy.

Oh, I like him even better when he feeds me.

But I'm still not a fan of this whole photo shoot idea.  Weirdos.  Are we done yet?

So yep, them's the highlights from his one-month photo shoot.  I have a bonus picture that I took just this morning:

Ryan was all tuckered out after gifting us with a seriously nasty diaper (which necessitated a load of laundry be done), and then he had a bath and a blow dry.  He hates getting bathed, but he loves the hair dryer.  One of these days I'll have to take a video of him having his hair done, it's so funny.  But yep, here he is conked out and adorable.